honestly, i’m tired of being told that “you choose to be depressed”.

that’s kind of like someone shoving your hand into a vat of glue, then telling you that you choose to let the glue stick to your hand.

was that really necessary?

playing spelunky just makes me wanna play terraria.


Drew Robin Williams as the King of Hyrule as a tribute to the late great actor. He loved Legend of Zelda so I’ve incorporated his love for the game into this sketch.


all the people around me are falling in love and im just here falling asleep


found this big guy during the nature walk today 



A few weeks ago my japanese class did a gift exchange with our penpal class in japan and their box of stuff came in today. All of the gifts had really cute messages on yellow notes. This one was my favorite..image


never try to marathon a tv series with me.

i was watching k-on, and i got this image when it stopped to buffer.

i keep doodling rin in my spare time.

ceruleanpineapple replied to your post “no, tumblr, it isn’t gross. you’ve just recommended it to me five…”

those tags omg, so true. you should get the xkit extension that removes recommended posts

i think i will, yeah— the only reason i didn’t initially was that tumblr was showing me a variety of cool posts, but now it’s just sort of repeating the same few over and over.

(Source: ForGIFs.com)

no, tumblr, it isn’t gross. you’ve just recommended it to me five times by now.