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I found this pregnant jumping spider in my house one summer! She has a heart on her back!


Wooly-legged Jumping Spider - Saitis barbipes

In accordance with the requirements of courtship in jumping spiders, in which the visual cues are the primary releaser, males of the Wooly-legged Jumping Spider, Saitis barbipes (Salticidae) are highly skilled.

Although most males jumping spiders use their first legs for signaling toward the female, some genera (e.g. Saitis, Maratus, Habronattus) have specialized their third legs for that purpose. In the Mediterranean Saitis barbipes, the third legs, larger than the others, are red and bear conspicuous black hair brushes on tibia and metatarsus. During courtship these legs are waved up and down, and from time to time he makes  the white-tipped tarsi vibrate rapidly in a plane perpendicular to the body axis. The vibration frequency is high enough to produce a sound perceivable by man.

Although the male seems extenuated by this performance, the effect on the female is impressive, she collapses on her legs and half turns her abdomen ventral side upward.

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Photo credits: [Top: ©kankikun | Locality: not indicated, 2012] - [Bottom: ©Thomas Roppenecker | Locality: not indicated, 2014]

(Source: ForGIFs.com)


Jumping spider (North America - Discovery Channel)


Peacock Spiders

Genus Maratus

      Peacock spiders are well known for their colorful and dramatic courtship displays. In addition to raising the colorful flab that, when at rest, covers its abdomen, it also raises its back legs. Before it does this, it will stretch out its front legs and display with them as well. 

     Peacock spiders are native to Australia, and damn are they beautiful!


by Jurgen Otto

"mother (left) prepares for takeoff while offspring is looking on."


Jumping spider | image by omid golzar


Biggest jumping spider

It’s so fucking cute lookit

It follows motion do you see how fucking cute it is


Putnami and Otiosus

they’re mad because they can’t see their foreheads

oh god, i’m never going to unsee that.

net-casting spiders always look either grumpy or suspicious, and that’s adorable.


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